Time To Set A Goal


It’s fair to say that during the past few weeks of being back in England I haven’t adjusted yet, too much has happened for me to simply just slot back into normality so easily. Prior to leaving Vietnam I knew what would be expected of me upon returning to England, but I also know myself and I knew that it would take me time to readjust. I wish I could be the kind of person that can move happily back into a life they left behind months ago, but the truth is I’m not.

When we returned from backpacking South East Asia at the end of November last year we based ourselves at the home of my partners parents for the Christmas period. Once the new year came though we had been given the opportunity to return to Vietnam to work in the hotel that I have talked much about in previous posts. We had a goal, and so as soon as we had the money for flights we were back off to try a new life some 6000 miles away. There was no need to settle down and look to plan our lives back in England, because we were of course soon to leave once again.

Now that we have returned we find ourselves at the parental home of my fiance again, and I just wanted to take a second to say how thankful I am to them for letting me stay at their home. I know that my own family would love to have me with them, and I do miss them incredibly, but my future is with my fiance and so I wish to be where she is. This means looking for both work and a permanent home somewhere in which I am not used to, of course the job side of things comes first and this has proved difficult as I explained in my last post. It all comes down to feeling comfortable, happy and positive and so I must look to past experiences in order to find a way in which to boost the spirits and give myself something to actually work towards.

The initial goal is to of course obtain that much needed job, because it is that job that will pay for the home, the car and the ultimate goal, our further travels. The summer of 2016 was full of excitement and motivation as we both prepared for our three months of backpacking through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. That same excitement and motivation coursed through us once again during January of this year as we packed our bags in preparation to go out again to Vietnam to live and work. The experiences during our time in Vietnam this year may have put us off any other attempt at creating a new life abroad, but it most certainly hasn’t quashed our strong feelings to travel and see this beautiful world we live in.

When we planned to travel through South East Asia last year we were initially going to begin our journey in India and end up in Thailand, however due to the loss of our expensive camera equipment to scammers we were forced to cut the trip down. We left India out due to the sheer size of the country and the money that would be needed to travel it, but we always knew that one day we would look at revisiting such a beautiful country rich in culture. That time is now.

Before we can get to India though much planning needs to be done and money to be made, and it may take us a year or perhaps two because this time we want to do things properly. We will not skip through India, but we will truly explore it.

It feels great to have a goal again.



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