So yesterday morning after an 11 hour flight we finally arrived in Phuket, and after around 30 something hours of no sleep we decided to head straight to the nearest hotel. The first thing I have noticed here is just how friendly, welcoming and helpful the people of Thailand are, their smiles are incredibly infectious. It’s comforting to feel so welcomed here, especially seen as how far we are away from home.

After a few hours sleep we ventured out to discover the surrounding areas and came across Naiyang Beach just 10 minutes walk from our hotel. This area was incredible, the warmth of the sea was glorious, and I felt so happy just wandering along with my feet in the water. Simply paddling in the sea is something that I have done very few times in recent years, my anxieties towards water, drowning, and exposing my body have meant that something as simple as this I decide to stay away from. Due to this I am not a strong swimmer and have always felt embarrassment when near water with others, therefore on this trek both this and feeling comfortable with my own body in public are things I am determined to overcome. I am not there yet, but I know I am close.

Tomorrow we leave Phuket to head towards Phang Nga Bay, known for James Bond Island…..


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